I started my photography business just like any other girl with a camera. My first DSLR camera (after my pink, battery powered camera) was an Olympus brand. My mom was the one who guided me into putting people into my landscape photos and I think she was a genius for guiding me to that point!
That's when I did my first session and it was with my favorite person, Drew! His senior photos were my first ones with a person in them. It also turns out that Drew is my favorite model, after my sister! This led me to starting to slowly get more and more sessions. I was able to grow my cameras, a Canon Rebel to 7D Mark series, until now  to my favorite camera, Canon 5D Mark series.


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After high school, I went to Ripon College! I got to experience marketing and public relations with the Marketing and Communications department at Ripon College; as well as my sorority, AXO.
I grew my experiences with event photography until I was able to capture my first wedding. 
Since college, I have continue to grow with every session. My dream would eventually to be a photographer full-time or to own my own art studio/business! Until then, teaching art is what I'm meant to do right now!

Ripon Collge 2015-2019

First Place in the Wisconsin Newspaper Assoiciation

Beating UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee students

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